Audi Drama. Blew Motor. Suggestions?

CLAG500 at CLAG500 at
Fri Dec 29 18:28:33 EST 2006

Well I bought another Audi after trading my UrS4 for an Acura and swearing  
I'd stay away from the Audi Gods. 
Traded the Acura on a beautiful 1992 911. Had a change in income and had to  
sell that car. I was driving a 1994 100 CS to work and it has been so reliable 
I  decided another Audi would provide some cheap thrills. Found a really nice 
200  20v TQA on ebay for a decent price. 
I actually convinced myself that the Audi Gods was just a made up thing to  
justify spontainious unreliability. Well I'm a believer now.
After installing 2.5 bar chips and a spring I got the car running like a  
raped ape. Nice pull in 4th to 1.9 bar (times 1.25 with the 2.5 pressure  
transducer). Car had a bit of a stumble which I thought I solved by cleaning out  the 
Last night I decided to take it and my wife to Lowes to get a new lamp for  
our living room. I got on the freeway to come home. Downsifted to 4th gear and  
nailed it to get around some traffic. There was a slight stumble and I heard 
a  faint knocking. When I pushed in the clutch to put her in to 5th I felt a  
pulsation in the clutch pedal. I was also hearing a rattling noise. I assumed 
my  throw out bearing was toast.
Got home and ordered parts for the full on clutch job. I've done a couple  
Audi clutches (big part of why I got rid of the UrS4.) Figured Oh well it will  
be nice to have a fresh clutch. 
Got off work today and decided since it was so warm I would get the car up  
in the air and start removing parts for the clutch job. I started the car so I  
could turn it diagonally in the garage and put the back wheels on ramps. I  
noticed the rattling noise was fairly loud. I thought to myself "sounds like it 
 could be the motor but why would I feel it in the clutch?" I got out and was 
 poking around under the hood to try and locate the noise when all of a 
sudden  BANG! and the motor stopped. I immediately looked under the car to see 
chunks of  metal and oil dripping. At first I thought it was the tranny case but 
the chunks  are iron and the oil is from the motor.
I'm trying to decide what my best course of action is at this point. I  would 
really like to have a nice fresh motor in there or maybe even something  
exotic but am on a limited budget. Anybody know a good source for a 3b? What all  
would I have to do to repair this motor? I haven't gotten a look at the hole 
yet  but I'm assuming a connecting rod has contacted the block.
Should I just part it out and by a cheap Honda? I hate to just plop another  
old 3b in there and try to run these chips. If I have to keep it stock to make 
 it not blow up I will get something else. I'd like the same power back or 
more  if I fix it. 
Thanks for listening.

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