Audi Drama. Blew Motor. Suggestions?

CLAG500 at CLAG500 at
Fri Dec 29 22:12:56 EST 2006

Please elaborate on your comment. What are you classifying as abuse? 
The chips? 
The wastegate spring? 
Downshifting to 4th to pass a car on the freeway? 
Maybe an Audi is not the car for me as the only reason I own one is to  get 
good performance for a cheap price. I'm not interested in tootling  around in 
an old Audi just to be tooltling around in an old Audi. When I got  this car it 
was slow as molasses. I finally got it running very strong and  it throws a 
rod. I don't know if it was the chips or if it was just a case of a  car being 
babied for 140k miles and then being driven at full capacity.
The only attraction I have for these cars is that they can perform  very 
well. Like I said in my post. If I can't have the kind of power I was  making with 
my 2.5 bar chips I'm going to have to find something else.  That's the only 
reason I bought this car. 
I think they can handle it though as there are many driving  chipped/boosted/R
S2ed cars out there without internals going external.  

If you know something about this please let me know. If you don't reply  
anyway as you've got me fully primed for a pissing match with your  comment.
    a message dated 12/29/2006 7:15:24 P.M. Eastern  Standard Time, 
b.benz at writes:

Apparently the Audi gods don¹t tolerate  abuse!


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