Shift Linkage Check and Adjustment Question

Michael Palatas mpalat at
Sun Dec 31 19:52:15 EST 2006

It has been increasingly difficult to shift into 1st through 4th gears in my
110K '91 200 20V TQ.  The 34-110 Bently adjustment procedure says to engage
1st gear and push the lever to the left stop.  Does that mean that once
comfortably in 1st gear, you push it to the left (towards the driver's side)
until it stops, and then measure the rebound in mms?  From what point do you
measure that?  Since it pivots from the bottom, the horizontal "rebound"
measurement would change depending on how high up you measured it.  And what
is meant by "do not include elasticity in the measurement"?  Any BTDT write
ups?  TIA

Mike in Burbank, CA

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