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Wed Feb 1 22:15:29 EST 2006

Hey there guys,

There are 3 sets of red left. I'd expected to get 8 commitments right away 
but since we have 3 to go I called Intended Acceleration to see if there was 
anything more we could do on pricing to try and get 3 more people to commit 
and get this group buy closed out. The good news is that we now have a 
coupon included in the deal. IA is willing to throw in a 10% off coupon for 
a stage 3+ chip ($70 value). So, for anybody already committed hopefully 
this is a nice bonus (if you don't already have a chip). For anybody on the 
fence, hopefully this makes the fence a little easier to jump over. I really 
hope to get this done by Friday.

Email me offlist w/ questions or commitment to be in on the deal. Sorry to 
clog up the rest of your email boxes.


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> Hey guys,
> I heard back from the supplier with the availability and costs on the 
> group purchase. First, the pricing. It will be $200 for both hoses 
> (michelin man and the turbo to intercooler hose) along with the proper 
> clamps (5) to go with them and shipping is included. The clamps aren't 
> super fancy T bolt or constant torque or anything like that that I've 
> heard people talk about when installing these hoses. They are regular 
> clamps...the type with blue (plastic?) right at the tightening point. The 
> clamps w/ this blue don't dig into the hoses like the clamps w/o the blue 
> (personal experience here). I had the fancy clamps as supplied in the 
> first group buy but have since replaced w/ the type of clamp included in 
> this kit. They are plenty adequate even for high HP cars but you can 
> replace them w/ whatever you chose and recycle these clamps to some other 
> project if you wish. If you check ECS tuning's site you'll find that they 
> sell the set of hoses for $259 (not including shipping or clamps) so I 
> think it is a pretty good deal.
> Second, availability. The hoses I found are in stock so we do not have to 
> wait 6-8 weeks for them to be made to order. They can be shipped as soon 
> as I can collect all the money and write one big check for the whole lot. 
> However, only 8 sets are available. There are 2 blue, 2 black, and 4 red 
> sets. It will be strictly first come first served on this deal so email me 
> if you want in and specify your color preference in order from 1st to 3rd. 
> If one color isn't acceptable to you for some reason, and you wouldn't 
> want to be in on the deal should that be the color you get, please say so 
> in the email.
> Once I've got the first 8 people I'll email you back to let you know what 
> color you will get and my address to send the money.
> And of course, I don't stand to gain anything from this yada yada yada.
> Patrick Anderson
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> Subject: Samco hose group buy
> Hey guys,
> I've seen some chatter on other forums about limited or no availability of 
> Samco hose sets. So, I thought I'd put out some feelers to suppliers to 
> see if I could scare any up from any of the non usual suspects. I found 
> some and am working on GB pricing and how many they have. I expect to hear 
> back soon w/ that info and will post it once available. I ran the GB on 
> these a year or two ago and am happy to arrange another one for the 
> listers here. More to follow.
> Patrick
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