driveshaft bearing R&R

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Feb 2 06:38:27 EST 2006

Symptoms are a driveline "lash" (nice heavy metal clunk) seems to be coming 
from the middle or RR of the car during quick shifts.  Visual symptoms are a 
collapsed carrier bearing "rubber" insert. (not necessarily related)
There is an overview on the KB, but I was sure some one has done it all with 
all the post requesting the MB/BMW part to do the R&R.  Any one buy Blaus 
kit?  Supposedly come with detailed R&R.

From: PeterBergin at
Subject: Re: driveshaft bearing R&R

Mike, what are your symptoms?  My Avant has made an intermittent
rattling/metallic tapping noise briefly during hard accelerating  for a long
time, no
vibration or feel in the peddles or shifter.  When I am  pulling a trailer 
have a lot of cargo weight their is no noise.  I  assumed it to be a heat 
or something.  I have 197k on the car.

91 Avant

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