Thermostat "o" ring?

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Fri Feb 3 12:05:23 EST 2006

Hi Nat,

Yes, your o-ring is deformed and was originally round.  My CQ was
leaking at that o-ring and I opted to replace the o-ring and leave the
thermostat because it was working fine and was more than $30 extra
than I needed to spend that day. =)

My o-ring looked the same as you describe.  I got one from Pep Boys
for a dollar or so.

Of course, after fixing that I blew the old crusty PS hose from moving
the pump out of the way.  Fixed that too.



"Feelstranger" <feelstranger at> wrote:
> Folks, just pulled my thermostat and found that the sealing gasket was a square edged ring - not an o ring.  However, all the usual sources indicate it is an o ring.
> The way the housing fits to the gasket seems like it is designed for the original flat sided gasket, not an o ring.
> I suppose it is *possible* that what I pulled out *was* an oring when it went in, and has reformed it self under stress.
> What's the deal?
> Thanks!
> Nat

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