driveshaft bearing R&R

Brady Moffatt brady at
Fri Feb 3 14:01:19 EST 2006

When the center bearing on my 4kq went, it started screaming away, but did
not clunk in any way. No other symptoms at all. Just the intermittent
screeee sound from under the car. It got an injection of grease through the
rubber insert, which helped for awhile.

The rubber insert is quite soft even when new, at least on the 4kq bearing.
I assume the thpe 44 bearing is quite similar, so I'd be wary of changing
the bearing due to just a soft rubber insert/support of the support bearing.

Cheers, Brady
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From: Mike Del Tergo [mailto:mdeltergo at]

Symptoms are a driveline "lash" (nice heavy metal clunk) seems to be coming 
from the middle or RR of the car during quick shifts.  Visual symptoms are a

collapsed carrier bearing "rubber" insert. (not necessarily related)
There is an overview on the KB, but I was sure some one has done it all with

all the post requesting the MB/BMW part to do the R&R.  Any one buy Blaus 
kit?  Supposedly come with detailed R&R.

From: PeterBergin at
Subject: Re: driveshaft bearing R&R

Mike, what are your symptoms?  My Avant has made an intermittent
rattling/metallic tapping noise briefly during hard accelerating  for a long
time, no
vibration or feel in the peddles or shifter.  When I am  pulling a trailer 
have a lot of cargo weight their is no noise.  I  assumed it to be a heat 
or something.  I have 197k on the car.

91 Avant

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