temp sensor fan stuck on

Brett Dikeman quattro at frank.mercea.net
Sun Feb 5 12:22:55 EST 2006

Okay guys (and gals)....while I do have bigger fish to fry (the  
replacement voltage regulator installed into the "Ultranator",  
sourced from Autozone, is apparently kafluie after only a few weeks),  
the climate control fan for the in-dash temperature sensor won't shut  
off with the ignition off.

I have never noticed this before until a day or two ago, and the  
failure possibly coincides with the rain we've been having in eastern  
MA the last few days.  I could swear that the last time this  
happened, it shut off after just a minute or so, before I could  
figure out what it was.

I cycled the ignition a couple times, turned the CC head on to  
different settings, on vs off...nothin' doin'.

Any ideas?


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