No heat condition, but a hot heater core!

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Sun Feb 5 17:16:25 EST 2006

Sounds like the motor that runs the flaps that control whether fresh air
goes over the heater core is not working.  It lives behind a cover on the
driver side of the heater core box.  I think it's several Phillips head
screws to get the cover off.  If I remember correctly,  it's much easier to
get to the motor if you remove the wiper motor assembly.  I'd start by
checking the wiring that comes out of the space behind that box and plugs
into a harness near where the mounting for the wiper assembly is.

At 03:30 PM 2/5/2006 -0600, Brian Larson wrote:
>I am having an issue with the 91 200q I just picked up.  And it is cold here
>right now which complicates the issue (10F or less in the mornings).
>When I got the car, the heat worked fine.  Then the heat stopped one morning
>last week and has not worked since.  The blower seems to work correctly, and
>does not blow until the car is warm, and the air diverts fine between the
>dash, vents, and floor.  The heater valve seems to be working correctly, and
>the heater core is hot (both hoses are warm) in front of the windshield.
>Is there a likely culprit for this, hopefully one that can be fixed without
>pulling the car too far apart?
>It might be a coincidence, but the climate control blinked the outside temp
>light at me last week one day, but now this is not flashing either.
>Please help,
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