re. Boost stuck at 0.8 bar?!

Ben Swann benswann at
Mon Feb 6 09:40:15 EST 2006

Lemme guess - you have a leak somewhere in the manifold pressure line to the 
ECU.   I also guess you also have a 2.5 bar modified ECU, which would read 
around .8 bar at normal atmospheric pressure, as the 2.5 bar P.T. voltage 
output skew the digital readout.

So trace the connecton to the ECU inside and outside the car.  Also check 
that clar plastic pressure damper - they can crack.

Another thing that may be wrong is you have developed a leak in one of your 
intake tract hoses and the system is miraculously compensating - but since 
you did not indicate the car was nearly undriveable, I'll put odds on the 
vaccum line to the ECU.

Let us know what you find.


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Subject: Boost stuck at 0.8 bar?!
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My boost seems to be limited somehow.  As soon as I feel the power come drops off.  The factory
boost gauge constantly reads 0.8bar, even if I'm at idle.  I know the turbo 
itself is fine because it will
build boost (power) abruptly and then immediatly falloff.  I have a fault 
code that I can't get rid of that
indicates my throttle switch is bad, but I replaced it last year, and the 
code was there when the car ran
fine.  Any ideas?  Thanks--]

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