Temp sensor fan stuck on

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"remove the fuse while the car is parked"

Good advice.......... I've tried to do this while driving and it takes

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Brett Dikeman wrote:
 > ... the climate control fan for the in-dash temperature
 > sensor won't shut off with the ignition off.

Figure out which fuse protects its circuit, then pull the fuse.
Re-insert the fuse and see if it turns back on.

If it does, remove the fuse while the car is parked. I'm
clueless (mine chirps every once in a while and I live with
it), but my guesses are a) there is a sensor that has died
and causes the fan to run, and b) there is a short somewhere.

If b), you should be able to pull the entire dash apart and
hang upside down while trying to trace it with a voltmeter. :)

Kent McLean
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