No heat condition, but a hot heater core!

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Feb 6 20:41:24 EST 2006

At 7:23 PM -0800 2/6/06, Nick wrote:
>>89, after an hour of driving I'm feeling cool or even cooler (not quite
>>outdoor) air from the dash vent that warms the side window.  I still feel
>>warmish air from the footwells, but my left hand on the steering wheel is
>>getting cold.
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>I'm not sure of the answer to the problem but if I understand right 
>heat should never com out of the dash vents ?

That's correct--and long been a source of consternation to American 
drivers. The Germans evidently want unheated air directed to the face 
from the (dash) vents--presumably intended to keep the driver more 
alert in that otherwise "toasty" car.

Kneale, did you really mean temp set to 89 degrees? Or was that a 
typo? Anyway, just 2 years seems way too soon for that feedback pot 
to be acting up again--have a look at your CC channel 08 and 09 
outputs; if they come to the same value you have no worry about the 
potentiometer. The problem (if it exists) must lie somewhere else.


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