Fuel pump

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Tue Feb 7 10:52:59 EST 2006

I¹d install your new pump. It¹s the pressure regulator, not the pump, that
determines the fuel rail pressure. Should work just fine if you can adapt
the fuel hose and electrical connections.


> From: "Feelstranger" <feelstranger at hotmail.com>
> O collectively wise collective...
> I need a new fuel pump.  I have a new pump that was never installed in a
> previously owned 88 5000 QTA.   I just pulled the pump from my 20V and it is a
> Bosch 63 mm unit (original?)  So, would the unit I bought for the 5000 work,
> or are they likely to have different pressure or flow rates?  Otherwise they
> are the same in size and shape.
> Is it possible that this could be fixed without spending any (more) money???
> Thanks
> Nat
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