No heat condition, but a hot heater core!

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Wed Feb 8 07:17:08 EST 2006

Um, this is NOT really correct.  On the typ 44 cars with the GM Red lLED CC 
head, the dash vents, ALL of them will produce heat when it is cold out side 
and the CC is set to Bi-Lev and the temp range set appropriately.  
ALternately it will offer A/C when it is hot outside and the temp range is 
set to the A/C range.  Don'r be;ieve me check your owners manual and give it 
a shot.
In Maine currently 11%F with heat from all dash vents.
(My UrQ is a different story altogether!)

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Feb 6 20:41:24 EST 2006
Previous message: No heat condition, but a hot heater core!
At 7:23 PM -0800 2/6/06, Nick wrote:

>I'm not sure of the answer to the problem but if I understand right heat 
>should never com out of the dash vents ?

That's correct--and long been a source of consternation to American
drivers. The Germans evidently want unheated air directed to the face
from the (dash) vents--presumably intended to keep the driver more
alert in that otherwise "toasty" car.

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