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Well, just for the record, this is what I found.
The pumps are different in this way:  the original pump (...091A/B) had no 
screen on the bottom, and no flange to hold it.  The 5K (etc) pump has the 
filter screen, and thus the "flange" that extends off the end of the pump to 
hold it.   The result is that the 5K style pump is slightly too long to 
allow the filter basket of the 20V to clip into place.  In the end, the 
entire plastic housing assembly can still be installed as before, only, the 
pump has a 1/4 in. or so of vertical freedom in the housing assembly when in 
the tank, since the filter basket is what holds the pump tight.
Otherwise, the outlet and electrical connections are identical.  That is not 
to say that I know that the pumps are equivalent in output, or whatever.
Unfortunately for me, it seems that the pump I had was not the new one I 
thought it was- it buzzes louder then the pump I removed...

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>I think the pump is the same, but the retainer systems differ.
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>>O collectively wise collective...
>>I need a new fuel pump.  I have a new pump that was never installed in a
>>previously owned 88 5000 QTA.   I just pulled the pump from my 20V and it 
>>a Bosch 63 mm unit (original?)  So, would the unit I bought for the 5000
>>work, or are they likely to have different pressure or flow rates?
>>Otherwise they are the same in size and shape.
>>Is it possible that this could be fixed without spending any (more) 
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