Chipped mileage?

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Feb 8 22:42:18 EST 2006

I just drove wife¹s new ride, an ¹02 A6 2.7TQ 6spd @70K, 3K miles from Long
Island, NY to GV, NV. @ 80 in the East and 90+ I 50 West of Denver. 21.8
ave. below my expectations, but a nice cruising ride. The 200-20V at 200+K
does better.


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> Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 18:34:30 -0700
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> Subject: RE: Chipped mileage?
>> Curious to beat another thread to death.  Currently getting 21MPG hwy for
>> Hohenester chipped 2.5P ransduced 20V Avant.  Just took a 600
>> mile trip with
>> less than 3 x on ramp/merge slach warp speed passes with cruise
>> set to 75.
>> I'm not really willing to accept a 20% MPG drop from my usual for very
>> occassional 270HP bursts, better throttle response all around excepted.
>> Just curious to see what others are getting and the chips they
>> are running.
>> Mike
> I got 25-27mpg on a 1200+ mile trip from Boise to Bay Area and back for
> Thanksgiving, mostly law-abiding or +5ish on the freeway, some blasts around
> traffic on the OR 55mph 2-lanes. Snow storm backed up traffic from Donner
> into Reno on the way back, that didn't help mileage much - I had Hakkas on
> already so could have gone faster than most CA BMWipers clogging the road.
> My sedan has a Hoppen chip w/2.5Bar sensor. Plug wires, plugs, thermostat
> several years old; most other engine components are original.
> Henry Harper
> 1991 200 quattro, 124k, developing CHF leaks from original hoses now it
> seems :(
> 1988 GTI 16v, 248k, 30mpg in town up to 35mpg on highway if not driven like
> it's been stolen (but what fun is that?)
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