Chipped mileage?

Schaible, David David.Schaible at
Thu Feb 9 15:23:35 EST 2006

12.5  ?? do you have tires on your rims? (they help a lot) if you do,
better check your gas tank for a shotgun slug hole....or maybe remove
your 5' trunk spoiler (shouldn't go airbourne at 40mph) bush & his
cronies love you and suv dually dump truck with a 7.5L engine
gets almost stock in exxon-mobil!   

Seriously, I would investigate some sensors and check your exhaust with
a meter....

22 mpg winter (barrecrafter rack on the factory rails with 3 pairs tele
skis bottom to bottom tips at the rear)

25-27 mpg summer

Mtm chipset mit 2.5bar transducer, k&n....265k mi. avant....i think my
maroon paint is good for a few extra mpg ;-)

David Schaible

JRS Pharma LP
2981 Rte 22
Patterson, NY 12563

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RE: Chipped mileage? 

well a few years ago when moving down to fla, i remember getting 
the mpg up to 27 on that long highway trip.  Now back up in NH
with not really doing ANY highway driving all backroads at under 40
mph, im getting around 12.5.....really really bad.  my 20v has a 
TAP stg 3 chip, 3" turbo back, and k+n cone filter, alum. flywheel
and stg 3 spec clutch.  

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