Upper strut bearing question

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 12 19:34:13 EST 2006

Thanks for the input everybody.
I pulled the struts apart again to recheck the orientation of the bearings.
Every thing looked good, no rub marks from the spring mount to the mount 
I will instal the struts next weekend and check them out again.
Yes pulling the strut assembly out of the car does make it easier to do 
the job.
Bernie if you find that write up I would like to read it.
I installed new bearings.
Yes doing suspension work is dirty and time consuming


Chuck Pierce wrote:

>Put my struts back together yesterday.
>Should the mounting plate be able to move freely when the strut assembly 
>is assembled.
>I am pretty sure the bearing is oriented correctly, I did notice it only 
>sets on the mounting plate one way.
>I have access to the spring compressor for the rest of the day, so I can 
>still take them apart to make sure.
>Chuck Pierce
>91 200tq Avant
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