Idle Stabizer Valve

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Mon Feb 13 12:53:53 EST 2006


I knew about the carb-cleaner trick, but never seen one of those quite so 
frozen up, especially while showing so little sign of moveability (is that a 
word?).  Before dropping more money, I'll try the carb clener trick.  Easy 
and cheap.

As the flapper was partially open, I did use a the flat side of a flat-head 
scewdriver to try and wedge it open, but I remembered how persnickity those 
things are so didn't force it so much that I would wind up damaging the 

Derek P

>>For curiosity, took off the valve today to see if it was gunked up and 
>>I didn't see too much crud inside the valve, I couln't move the
>>flapper/door/valve.  The valve was stuck about 1/8 to 1/4-inch open.
>>These seems odd to me that it would freeze up like that.  Anybody with
>If you have hopes of resurrecting the valve, be sure to avoid using 
>anything that's metallic/hard (like the tip of a screwdriver) if trying to 
>manually move the valve "shutter".  Use something that's relatively soft, 
>like a piece of soft wood (wooden pencil?) to avoid damaging the shutter's 
>fragile knife-edge. Spray some carb cleaner to free up the valve (assuming 
>gunk is the problem) and then test electrical operation using a 9-volt 
>battery.  R&R is discussed in the Bentley manual.
>Phil Rose
>Rochester, NY
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