Hydraulic Pump replacement

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Feb 16 13:32:33 EST 2006

On Feb 15, 2006, at 8:05 PM, Grant Dion wrote:

> How hard is it to replace the hydraulic pump? Mine is making noises  
> like the
> bearing is going

Belt could be too tight.

> , and in the AM the steering is hard until it warms up

What are the outside temperatures roughly, overnight?

> , and the Brake light is lit for a few minutes.

Level in the reservoir is okay?

> Also , is it worth getting a used pump?

Possibly.  They don't fail THAT often, and I think non-rebuildable  
failures are rare?  I'd say if you can find a used one inexpensively  
(the pump is 20v specific...I think?), grab it, order the bits  
necessary for rebuild, and take your time rebuilding it.  Swap it in  
when it is good to go, and if the rebuilt unit leaks like a sieve,  
you've got the old one to drop back in while you continue to fuss  
with the "new" unit.

Then take the original one, rebuild it, sell it to another lister or  
on ebay, or keep it as a spare for "the next time"?


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