Driving schools for teens

NeytVision at aol.com NeytVision at aol.com
Thu Feb 16 22:56:32 EST 2006

I came across this track the other day.  They do mention Young Adult, Teen 
Driving & Performance  Skills.  The 007 Experience also looks very cool!  
Located in  western PA.
(http://www.beaverun.com/BMC_shopping_cart.asp#Winter_Driving_Skills_(WDS) )
'91 200 20V TQ ~ 170K
Skip Barber, Bondurant and other offer this type of program. There was  a
nice article about this in either Car and Driver or Road and Track a  little
while ago. The editor mentioned that the program was very helpful in  giving
his son the needed skills for driving.

IMHO, autox and these  types of professional instruction help immensely in
driver training. I know  that I would have been able to avoid a few close
calls had I not learned car  control techniques and keeping a cool head
during stress via HPDE events and  autox.


On 2/13/06, Mark Trank <MTrank at albemarle.org>  wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience with driving schools in  the mid-Atlantic
> that offer teen programs?  My 16-year old son  recently received his
> driver's license and I wanted to explore this for  him.  I recall a
> thread some time ago about a program for teens at  Summit Point Raceway
> but could be mistaken........feel free to reply  off-line.  Thanks, Mark
> 91 200q20v 124k+  miles

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