Close call

John S. Lagnese jlagnese at
Fri Feb 17 22:33:07 EST 2006

While casually driving home today on I 95 just south of the Hampton tolls in 
NH I got a major scare. It was extremely windy, 65 mph gusts, I was speaking
to my wife with the using my cell phone with the headset. I saw a tractor 
trailer about an inch from my car, a 92 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro. It was still 
moving into my lane, getting blown by a big gust. I yelled Holy F#$k, then I 
jerked the wheel about 120'.
The Audi jumped into the other lane. I was sliding at a 45 ' angle at about
80 mph. I straightened the wheel. The car did a  couple of fishtails and 
snapped straight.
I really would not have thought that the car could do that. I have never 
been so happy to be wrong.
I'm still thinking I was lucky to be writing this now!
BTW I bought a couple of lottery tickets considering that this must be my 
lucky day!
87 Scirocco 16v
91 200TQ20V 

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