Close call

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Based on today, I'd say it was the difference.
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  Did something similar many, many years ago. Two laner in Maine, roads damp and
  drying. Fully loaded 4KQ for a week of camping with the then GF. Car in front of me 
  slows and starts to pull off to the right, no signal. I assessed they were pulling off, as
  they then put thier brake lights on. Pull out into the left lane (no oncoming traffic, so it
  appeared safe) and accelerated. JUST as I was passing the now stopped car (halfway 
  off the road), it suddenly turns LEFT into my path (no signal, and obviously, not look either). Horn, swerve (now close to 70) and 3 vicious fishtails (at least I had the presence of mind to keep the power on or I would've looped at 70!) and I then was able to smooth things out. We missed by no more than 2 feet. Things were rather silent in the car for the next few minutes while we both checked our collective shorts. I feel your exhiliration (?) at your survival, and have learned not to trust anyone anymore and anticipate some stupid manuvers. I've wondered how much quattro helped there, since I was under power during the recovery. 

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    While casually driving home today on I 95 just south of the Hampton tolls in
    NH I got a major scare. It was extremely windy, 65 mph gusts, I was speaking
    to my wife with the using my cell phone with the headset. I saw a tractor 
    trailer about an inch from my car, a 92 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro. It was still
    moving into my lane, getting blown by a big gust. I yelled Holy F#$k, then I
    jerked the wheel about 120'.
    The Audi jumped into the other lane. I was sliding at a 45 ' angle at about 
    80 mph. I straightened the wheel. The car did a  couple of fishtails and
    snapped straight.
    I really would not have thought that the car could do that. I have never
    been so happy to be wrong.
    I'm still thinking I was lucky to be writing this now! 
    BTW I bought a couple of lottery tickets considering that this must be my
    lucky day!
    87 Scirocco 16v
    91 200TQ20V

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