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To continue the quattro tales:
Before we bought our '91 200Q we had a 4KQ and returning from skiing one 
night on 2 lane road with ~2-3 inches of snow and snowing I started to pass 
very slow moving traffic and accelerating in left lane from 30-35 to 50 or 
so and saw something dark but sort of sparkling in left center portion of my 
lane.  I was now up to speed and recognized the large butt of a tossed 
Christmas tree with tinsel and I was coming alongside a large SUV.  I knew I 
had to move or take out my headlight/fender and who knows what else would 
happen.  I snapped wheel right-then left-then straight and paralled the SUV, 
but closer now and brushed the branches, but missed the large butt of the 
tree.  Ended up losing an auxilliary driving light and a bit of rubber trim 
on that side and a few minor scratches to paint.  I was also power on and 
was totally amazed at how stable the car was and that I didn't hit anything 
really bad or lose control.  Those few seconds seemed like a minute or two 
at the time.  Certainly didn't get sleepy on the drive home after that!
Dave D
'91 200Q Pearl w 134K on the clock
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> Based on today, I'd say it was the difference.
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>  Did something similar many, many years ago. Two laner in Maine, roads 
> damp and
>  drying. Fully loaded 4KQ for a week of camping with the then GF. Car in 
> front of me
>  slows and starts to pull off to the right, no signal. I assessed they 
> were pulling off, as
>  they then put thier brake lights on. Pull out into the left lane (no 
> oncoming traffic, so it
>  appeared safe) and accelerated. JUST as I was passing the now stopped car 
> (halfway
>  off the road), it suddenly turns LEFT into my path (no signal, and 
> obviously, not look either). Horn, swerve (now close to 70) and 3 vicious 
> fishtails (at least I had the presence of mind to keep the power on or I 
> would've looped at 70!) and I then was able to smooth things out. We 
> missed by no more than 2 feet. Things were rather silent in the car for 
> the next few minutes while we both checked our collective shorts. I feel 
> your exhiliration (?) at your survival, and have learned not to trust 
> anyone anymore and anticipate some stupid manuvers. I've wondered how much 
> quattro helped there, since I was under power during the recovery.
>  LL - NY
>  On 2/17/06, John S. Lagnese <jlagnese at> wrote:
>    Hi,
>    While casually driving home today on I 95 just south of the Hampton 
> tolls in
>    NH I got a major scare. It was extremely windy, 65 mph gusts, I was 
> speaking
>    to my wife with the using my cell phone with the headset. I saw a 
> tractor
>    trailer about an inch from my car, a 92 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro. It was 
> still
>    moving into my lane, getting blown by a big gust. I yelled Holy F#$k, 
> then I
>    jerked the wheel about 120'.
>    The Audi jumped into the other lane. I was sliding at a 45 ' angle at 
> about
>    80 mph. I straightened the wheel. The car did a  couple of fishtails 
> and
>    snapped straight.
>    I really would not have thought that the car could do that. I have 
> never
>    been so happy to be wrong.
>    I'm still thinking I was lucky to be writing this now!
>    BTW I bought a couple of lottery tickets considering that this must be 
> my
>    lucky day!
>    John
>    87 Scirocco 16v
>    91 200TQ20V
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