New arrival of the 4-ring, 20-valve variety

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Mon Feb 20 00:41:07 EST 2006

Arrived home tonight at about 7:00 with my "new" '91 Avant.  Silver with
black sport, 228k miles.  I'm the 3rd owner.
Flew out of Colorado Springs at 8am Friday, arrived at Ontario just before
noon where I was picked up by the seller.  Went for lunch at Zeke's in
Montrose (excellent!), did the transaction, and picked up the car just in
time for a rainy Friday evening LA commute north on I-5.  Decided to waste
some time at Trader Joe's in La Crescenta (picked up a case of 2-buck Chuck)
and headed out again by about 5:30, still far from optimal.  Destination:
Victorville.  Crested the hill south of Palmdale at the Pearblossom Hwy exit
and the windows fogged immediately.  Not even a used napkin in the car.
Found a convenience store, bought some paper towels, and jammed a small
flashlight in to keep the flap closed.  The rain stopped and we reached
Victorville by about 8pm.  Off to In'n'Out.
Had a friend along who recently bought a dirt bike on eBay (XR350?) which
was waiting to be picked up at his uncle's place in Victorville.  Avant came
with the back loaded with spares: 3 225/50-16 SP 8000's, some front trim
(the long pieces), euro lights, UFO rotors/calipers (displaced by Porsche
odds and ends ;-), radiator, and other misc bits.  Upon first view, no hope
was held for a successful load including the dirt bike on the trip home.
Woke up Sat with clear, sunny skies.  Arrived at Uncle's house at 10:30am
and unloaded the back of the Avant.  Things began to look more reassuring.
I left with Uncle in Dodge Power Wagon to retrieve plywood for the load
floor and Friend began dirt bike disassembly.  By 3pm we were heading north
on I-15 with a fixed recirc flap, bellies full of Del Taco, and the Avant
full of all aforementioned spares and dirt bike parts comingling happily
(think of the appearance of a car crushed into a cube with various parts
recognizable but in complete and unnatrual juxtaposition with one another,
pix available).
Reached Gallup at 1am.  Departed at 10 this morning.  538 miles later
arrived home after unloading dirt bike at Friend's.  Las Vegas, NM to Raton
was a bit over an hour.  Trinidad, CO to Colorado Springs about 2.  More
than doubled the dirt bike's top speed by taking it apart and loading it in
the back on an Audi Avant.  Got between 20.5 and 24 mpg between fillups, no
chip, lots of wind, stock headlights illuminating the sky, well figuratively
speaking anyway.  Fortunately the weather cooperated with the SP8000's
currently mounted on the car.
91 V8q 5spd
91 Avant
90 V8q auto
87 CGT (ng)
85 urq

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