too cool temps in the winter

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Mon Feb 20 14:30:28 EST 2006

this would make sense (to partially block the rad) - recently I drove my urq 
(w/ 3B motor) back from Steamboat (~60-75 mph, minus 22 to 10 deg F) and the 
engine temp stayed constant at about 75C - pretty cold.  The heat in the 
cabin was marginal.  I meant to block off part of the rad but forgot. 
During normal driving (in "normal" temps) engine temps are normal so I know 
my t-stat is fine...


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Subject: too cool temps in the winter

> The 200q20v has a new thermostat from barely a few months ago, very
> recent main+aux radiators, and fresh pentosin coolant.
> The thermostat was replaced because the car was often running cold;
> oil temps are close to normal, but coolant temps are often in the
> first 3 bars on a nearly constant basis in the wintertime.  Heat is
> also less than spectacular, although oddly enough, there's one turn
> close to the house (hard left, nearly a 180) where heat out of the
> vents seems to spike, as if there was a warm pocket of coolant...
> Any ideas?  Do any listers partially block the grill/radiator to help
> keep coolant temps up in the winter?
> Brett
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