Doh! Re: too cool temps in the winter

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Wed Feb 22 09:43:36 EST 2006

Err. right,  Spent more time typing that question, than thinking it 
Right, got to keep that open, closed thing straight...


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> Nat:
> Cool running means that the engine isnt heating the coolant.
> IE the thermostat is stuck OPEN not closed ( if it stuck closed, engine 
> would overheat)....
> Blocking the radiator means that you will not be able to further cool the 
> coolant that the engine is not being given the opportunity to heat (stock 
> thermostat is supposed to stay closed until the coolant in the block gets 
> to 87 C), therefore what little heat is being transferred to the coolant 
> from the engine can now be retained until it gets to the heater core, 
> where a blower pushes air over the core and removes heat from the 
> coolant...
> Make sense?
> -Peter
> At 09:24 AM 2/21/2006, Feelstranger wrote:
>>I just replaced my thermostat due to cool running temps, and terrible gas
>>mileage.  Unfortunately, the gas mileage does not seem to have responded,
>>like the running temp has.
>>However, If the T-stat is functioning,  doesn't it regulate temp by 
>>coolant flow to the radiator?  So, how exactly  would blocking air flow to
>>the radiator help?
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