FW: My 2.4 liter S4 on an economy run

Ned Ritchie Q at IntendedAcceleration.com
Wed Feb 22 20:08:18 EST 2006

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Hi Ned,


That is pretty impressive stuff.  What I find even more impressive is that
you have the self control to do 63 and 64 mph in a 450++ hp car and at
midnight no less!




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Subject: My 2.4 liter S4 on an economy run


Saturday evening 11:30 pm

Conditions 31 degrees F

I-405 mile post 22 fill up at Shell.  Exit for Alex

Drive South cruise control set at 63 mph

Enter I-5 at mile post 154                  22 miles


Reset cruise control at 64 mph

Exit mile post 109  to Home              45 miles

Fill up at Shell 2.301 gallons          ___________

                                            Total    67 miles

29.1 miles per gallon

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