Audi/Bose Radio System Replacement

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Do your amps still work? If so you can still use them. The pre amp outputs
can work.
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> Alright guys, here's my problem, the factory stock Audi/Bose radio system
in my '91 200 20V TQ sedan has finally bitten the dust.  I want to gut the
system and replace it with an new aftermarket system (head unit, speakers,
amps, etc...).  I know some of you have done that (taka at a minimum) and
have some questions:
>   1.  What speaker dimensions are appropriate for the existing openings
after the old stuff is removed?
>   2.  Has anybody ever tried to install some speakers (tweeters I assume)
into the dashboard speaker openings; and what size would fit?
>   3.  Do you have any suggestions as to some of the best speakers and
stereos out there?  Right now I am using to find ones that
fit and they have been very helpful, but they have so many choices...
>   TIA!
>   Nick
>   103K, Stage III, Eurolights, 17' wheels, Faze boost gage.
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