Motronic ECU repairer?

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Sat Feb 25 14:42:48 EST 2006


I think I recall that there are some folks that can repair
malfunctioning/damaged Motronic ECU's.  Does anyone know who that
would be?

My buddy just got a 200q20v that has some issues.  It failed smog and
when you start it the idle bounces up and down a few times before it
settles.  He's not getting full boost, and he found a receipt from the
previous owner saying the ECU had some corrosion that they tried to
clean up but he declined the recommended replacement.

We swapping in my 3B ECU and the idle problem went away and he's going
to retest the emissions today.  I don't have the test results that he
failed with.

I'm wondering who can look at his ECU to fix it, and also who might
have one for sale that isn't too expensive.  Any heads up would be



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