got boost (slight return)?

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Sun Jan 1 14:00:41 EST 2006

I would never do that!

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> Brandon! Surely you can't be implying that our factory dash gauge is of 
> less than perfect Teutonic accuracy?
> ;-)
> Kerry
> on another note (no thread hijacking intended, 'cause the boost is much 
> more important) how many of you are still proudly displaying the 
> factory sticker that warns against speeds exceeding 130mph "tire 
> related"? kinda mars the zebrano wood, but I've always gotten a kick 
> out of it.
> On Friday, December 30, 2005, at 10:01 AM, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>> the cost and time to install a mechanical boost gauge (Autometer makes 
>> a very nice ones) is well worth it, IMO.  Nice to know what kind of 
>> boost and vaccum the engine really is seeing.
>> Brandon
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>> I live with mine slightly less happily. I too have a chipset (from
>> Hoppen) with the same non-calibrated factory boost guage. The
>> difference in my case is that for the first eight years I had 1.7-1.8
>> showing all the time- and I suspect that there is a true loss, key word
>> being "suspect", since my seat-of-the-pants technology may be
>> imperfect. But I'd be less suspicious if my subjective impression
>> didn't jive with the admittedly imperfect factory boost guage. But the
>> car runs quite well for which I'm glad, and I don't often use full
>> boost. I would be happier if it felt stronger when I did put the turbo
>> to task, but it isn't a big worry. I'm more concerned about brakes,
>> climate control, seat heaters, and other daily use stuff. All of which
>> work$!
>> Kerry
>> 91 w/chip and RS2 manifold. feeling less spunky.
>> Still wtb  ur-S4 wheels!
>> On Thursday, December 29, 2005, at 08:58 PM, PeterBergin at wrote:
>>> I bought my Avant with 65k on it. I have always got 1.6 with a rare 
>>> 1.7. Had the car chipped with Lehman at Anderson Motor Sports. I feel 
>>> the difference but still see the same 1.6. I know factory boost gauge 
>>> is not calibrated to the chipset. I have replaced the usual stuff as 
>>> the car got to 195k. I have also done the pressure check with the 
>>> plumbing cap to my air compressor. No leaks until the dipstick 
>>> launches at about 25 psi. I pretty much gave up trying to see 1.8. 
>>> However I have never tried to use a mechanical gauge to test for 
>>> accuracy.
>>> Good luck, I just live with it the way it is (happily).
>>> Pete
>>> 91 Avant
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