transmission saga continues

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at
Sun Jan 1 23:33:36 EST 2006

First of all....Happy New year to all of you. May your new year be as
free as is possible with our special vehicles

As I continued to eliminate external possibilities from the transmission, I
took the advice
of someone at German Transaxle and "assisted" (manhandled) the transmission
firmly into revese from below. The transmission seemed to deliver slightly
torque to the wheels before it popped out with the familiar gear grinding
and then refused to leave reverse. I later gathered courage and used more
and it did pop back out.

I am now quite convinced the trouble is internal to the transmission, and am
looking for
a source of a used tranny. With the MARKETPLACE down, it is a lot harder.

I spoke to Dan Cordon, he had an extra one he was trying to sell for $100...
but unfortunately he sold it a couple of months ago. Chris (C1J1Miller)
back to me that he just sold his two weeks ago....

I have located a few at junkyards, including Chris Semple's, but would like
to see if there are any cheaper ones out there. If any of you know of a
potential source, please let me know.

Does anyone know if the newer 1992-1996 S4 and S6 transmissions will
fit without too many modifications? this could increase the potential
field of lower mileage transmissions. I already looked at the older
200qs, the final drive  ratio is different, however if the right combination
comes up,
I may swap out both the tranny and the rear end, (giving up the famed

(Ideally, it would be driving distance, so I could pick it up.)



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