window regulator woes

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Jan 3 14:31:01 EST 2006

At 12:45 PM -0500 1/3/06, Peter Schulz wrote:
>Something similar happened on the wife's avant a few weeks ago....
>factory crimp/swivel pin pulled right through the mount holding the window.
>Went to a pick and pull, and took are rear window regular from the 
>only 100 that I could access the rear door.
>Turns out that it had been replaced with an italian made one....

Seems that Eye-talian window regulators have become the "standard" 
for aftermarket replacements. So, I'll be giving my new "Pimax" unit 
a try when it arrive later this week (it's gotta be an improvement on 
the polyethylene and duct tape alternative).


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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