window regulator woes Electric Life Broken Wires Door Hinge

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Tue Jan 3 15:35:16 EST 2006


The broken wire is very possible.  verified by the lack of illumination on 
the switch in the dark.  Others won't work either.

RE: window reg. (in Chicago AFAIK) has regs for windows and 
older Audis.  4000, Coupe GT Too

Good luck and check out these hphotos if you haven't ventured into the door 
jamb loom yet:

-Scott by BOSTON

> Naturally I was 150 miles from home and 
> temp was about 28 degrees F. Eventually, a bit of polyethylene 
> sheeting and some duct tape managed to keep the car's interior 
> remarkably comfortable (but noisy) for the trip home. I suspect a 
> broken cable--or, that my lower swivel-pin has lost its grip on the 
> cable. In any event, I expect to be replacing the regulator assembly 

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