Busted Door Latch

George Sidman sidman at webloq.com
Wed Jan 4 21:33:14 EST 2006

This afternoon something gave way inside the driver's side door and now I
can't open the door from inside or outside. I heard and felt it break, and
obviously it is right there at the latch mechanism.  The question is, since
I can't open the door, can I 1) remove the inner panel with the door closed,
or 2) is there any way to get the door to unlatch with the linkage busted?

I have been into this door many times for all the usual reasons, and am
concerned now that the bottom panel clips and upper trim screws cannot be
popped loose with the door closed.  Any BTDT?

George Sidman
Chairman & Chief Technology Architect
WebLOQ, Inc.
831 620-1320

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