Question re: trim for right side Euro Headlight side marker

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Fri Jan 6 15:55:14 EST 2006


$65 from Puma lighting accessories....

also have replacement lenses....


At 02:31 PM 1/6/2006, McCall, Randy wrote:
>I lost a trim piece last weekend from my Euro light right side
>marker/reflector.  Since I did not install these lights - they were done
>before I bought the car, I can't recall if this a stock DOT specific
>trim part, or was part of the side reflector for the Euro lights.  The
>piece that fell off is the short chrome strip that wraps around the
>reflector and is attached by the small white plastic clips.  Anyone know
>if the piece is available separately (ie, junkyard), or is it specific
>to the Euro headlight reflector?  Suggested sources?
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