Longevity question...

I.S. Gall isgall at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 08:08:45 EST 2006

Well I ran into a 89 200qa in downtown Palo Alto Ca today with aprox
400k on the clock...

I think you have PLENTY of time if all the maintenance has been done.

I've cc'd the owner of that 400k beauty, Steve, because he hadn't
heard of the list before... figured that we'd have to get yet another
Audi addict into the fold here.

91 200q20v

On 1/8/06, the Spaeth's <spaeth at gorge.net> wrote:
> This is going to be one of those hard to answer questions, but here goes
> anyway. How long can these things last? More specifically we have a very
> nice 91 TQ Avant with 165,000 on it. My wife and I love it and she uses it
> for her work commute. It has been very meticulously maintained and has all
> of the cool stuff done to it...3" exhaust, chipped, sport seats, euro
> lights, 18" wheels, 16" studded Hakka snows, H&R's and adjustable Koni's,
> Porsche brakes, new tranny, distributor gear upgrade, a Bernie bar. Anyway
> we are trying to decide rather to sell it before the miles get too high and
> get her something less fun but with less miles, or just ride it out and
> drive it til it quits. We love the car but she commutes at least 60 miles
> each way 2-3 times a week at all hours. The vehicle needs to be reliable.
> Are we running on borrowed time? If it could be a play car I would definitly
> keep it, but this is her main driver. Any opinions?
> thanks,
> Craig
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