cleaning old adhesive from trunk ring logo

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Sun Jan 8 12:13:17 EST 2006

I'll second that.  You can pick it up from your local Pep Boys or Auto Zone
or... you get the idea.  We used it back in my dealership days to clean up
the residue from just such events or after removing the dealer logos off
trade-in cars.  We'd use a hair dryer to remove (slowly) the emblem(s) and
then rub the adhesive remover on the remaining adhesive to remove.

It's a favorite of those of use who prefer minimalist vehicle identification


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> 3M makes an adhesive remover, I believe it's called general purpose
> cleaner, kinda pricey, but a little goes a long way. That should  take it
> without paint damage. It's also good for really cleaning the rubber  part
> a windshield wiper, seems to renew the rubber.
> Bob

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