5ktq "aero" wheels over ufo brakes?

Brian Larson brian.erin at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 12:59:56 EST 2006

Can anyone confirm if 15x6 aero wheels from a '87 5ktq would fit over 91
200tq "ufo" brakes? I have a set of Hakka 1 snows on Aero wheels mounted,
and I am wondering if they will fit over the ufo's on my new 91 200tq I will
be picking up next week?

Can anyone confirm or deny this? Eventually I will most likely convert the
car over to g60 front struts, but this is probably just for the first

Also, do 15x7 5ktq fuchs fit over ufo brakes?

This 200q20vt is my 5th Audi quattro, and I am stoked about picking it up!

91 200tq 20vt (mine)
01 A6 2.7t/6mt sport (hers/ours)
88 80tq mc2/efi (just sold, too small for family)
87 5ktq w/qlcc (sold)
86 5ktq w/qlcc (sold)

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