cleaning old adhesive from trunk ring logo + urS alloy rambling

Charles Baer charlie at
Sun Jan 8 18:48:53 EST 2006

Thanks for the feedback.  You've all refreshed my memory and reminded me 
why I couldn't find what I expected in the 200q20v archives, the 
debadging mania occurred over on the urS list.  This weekend went to 
mechanicals but I'll take a crack at some WD-40/3M and a heat gun next 

I am expecting to leave the emblem off of the lid if I find that the 
clearcoat is undamaged.  My SC came to me without any labeling other 
than the hood badge and the logo in the tail reflector, I always liked 
the look.  I pulled the silver front grill rings off of my black 4KQS 
many moons ago, although ended up I putting them back on because the 
grill flats for them looked kind of crappy w/o the emblem.

BTW: Kerry's other rambling ;) is well timed, I just put freshly 
refinished urS alloys on my sedan, here be a fresh pic:

I was kind of dissapointed in the cornering bite of the Dunlop Winter 
Sport M3s mounted on the avant in what little snow we've had, so I put 
their Graspic DS-2s on the urS alloys.  In fact the M3s have pretty lame 
cornering compared to the Vredestein Wintrac IIs that they replaced, 
both in the dry and in snow.  They are good in straight line starting 
and stopping but I'm actually worried that I'll forget they don't corner 
as well as the Wintracs and fly off of a bend on I-70... whoo-hoo!


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