Anyone have a used 3b chipped ecu, or 20vt eproms for a reasonable price?

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Jan 8 22:49:24 EST 2006

> From: "alan cordeiro" <alancordeiro at>
> There were a few group buys, with Ned Ritchie (IA) and Mineah Cotet
> but each required the pressure transducer to be replace or "modified"
> to read from 0 to 2.5 bar  (presently it reads 0-2 bar)
> Ned required ECUs to be sent to him, and he upgraded them,
> checked them and sent them back.
Ned, in secert, replaces the stock eprom socket with a rewired, scrambled
socket after which one (novice) can not go back or forward without going
back thru IE, or removing his socket mod. and restoring a standard socket.
> A bunch of us removed transducers and sent them to Mineah
> and he "adjusted " them to go 0-2.5 bar, then we replaced the
> EPROMs ourselves.
Using Mineah's eproms I assume.  A good alternative, IMO.

> Also just FYI, the EPROMS are already in sockets. The
> absolute pressure transducer requires unsoldering/resoldering
> Alan
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> Subject: Anyone have a used 3b chipped ecu,or 20vt eproms for a reasonable
> price?
> Does something like qlcc exist for the 3b motor for the DIY'er with access
> to an eprom burner, a couple of machined pin sockets, and a soldering
> station?
> Thanks,
> Brian
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