cleaning old adhesive from trunk ring logo (+ramble)

Kerry Griffith i2k at
Mon Jan 9 03:44:56 EST 2006


	I've used the 3M adhesive remover Bob mentions, and it works as 
advertised. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I used it to (easily 
and cleanly) get the big-ass decal Audi rings off the doors of my 
former ur-Q in a effort to be a bit stealthier. (Incinerate away; I can 
take it).
One of the reasons I like my 91 200q is the clean lack of badges, as in 
"We don't need no steeking badges."
I so far gone as to think that when I finally replace "Ahab's nemesis" 
(and sometimes mine) I'll de-badge whatever Audi takes its place- 
although I do think I'll leave the chrome rings on the rear. Not sure I 
could bear to remove the old-stye ur S4/S6 S badges, but chances are 
that when I make the leap it will be to newer tech- I'm still drawn to 
the 2.7 A6 6 speed, and the idea of an S8 appeals also. And if I did 
get a newer S-car, (say if a V8 S4 became affordable and I decided I 
could live with the leprechaun back seat I'd have no qualms about 
3m-ing those new-fangled butt-ugly what subtlety? look-at-me S badges 
right off! Although Charlie's now got me thinking about a totally 
stealth trunklid on the next ride . . .

OK, go ahead and disparage me for my philistine disregard for 
originality and lack of taste.

But please, please- tell me where I can find some ur-S4 wheels for this 
car- I'd even consider trading the mint ur-S6 wheels I use during the 
summer (that look as if they were designed for the damn thing- they 
look great!).

And while I'm rambling, no one responded to my earlier query regarding 
the amusing original "max speed 130mph"  warning sticker on the Zebrano 
wood to the right of the ignition switch- despite my penchant for clean 
look, I've left it out of my perverse sense of

OK, internal dialogue ramble over. Best '06 to all

Turned 120k! (the car, not me- although my back feels like 120k.

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