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George Sidman sidman at webloq.com
Mon Jan 9 20:42:35 EST 2006

Brian:     Having just passed 300,000 miles on my '91 Avant, I can recommend
hanging onto the car. To date, I have less than $10,000 in maintenance
costs, but I do almost everything myself.  I am driving on the original
engine, original clutch, and original muffler system (about to replace the
cats) and the only problems I have had are the same ones that everyone has
with bits and pieces around the engine room, driver's side door, 2 heater
cores, 3 water pump/timing belt/front seal jobs, 2 radiators, new 80 Amp
holder and blade fuse, Bernie type strut bar, struts, bushings, CV Joints,
hoses, belts, etc.

I bought the car new, so my view of its potential is unsullied by a previous
owner. It appears the engine and drive train a nearly bullet proof. It's the
ancillary parts that come apart and need watching. I just finished a 1750
mile drive to Portland, OR and back without a hitch. In all, the best car I
have ever owned.........

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