Wires in drivers door jamb failure Type 44

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Mon Jan 9 21:47:00 EST 2006

Acorns? That's nothing. I sucked a squirrel into my intercooler once....


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Subject: Re: Wires in drivers door jamb failure Type 44
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Someone got the Bose recall to finally happen.
I'm interested in seeing what would happen.
BTW the throttle grommet is a real concern too.

Also, because of the IM casting and the throttle body positon on the 200 20V
3B, an acorn can keep the throttle open....

-Scott by BOSTON

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pjrose at frontiernet.net writes:

> Broken door jamb wires? Ha, Ha. It took AoA over 2  years to respond
> to the fact that several Audis (out of less than 1000 total) were
> documented as burned to a crisp by faulty Bose rear-speaker amps!
> What a laugh to think that Audi would take seriously the broken door
> jamb wires of 15 yr-old cars. How about AoA "doing something" about
> the broken grommet on cruise control throttle shaft that causes a
> jammed throttle?

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