window regulator replacement

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Jan 10 13:38:14 EST 2006

My replacement regulator  (driver's window) turned out to NOT be the 
Italian (Pimax) brand stated on the Autohaus Arizona Web site. The 
regulator I received carried no visible brand or origin markings on 
it, but the box indicated a Danish manufacturer: ELECTRIX. Ominously, 
the first thing that occurred to me (seeing Denmark as the country of 
origin) was all the hardware problems that people on the list 
encountered when installing that Danish-made all-metal radiator. I 
have the highest respect for the quality of Danish furniture, but 
beginning to have some doubts regarding their metal products.

The window regulator  R&R went pretty smoothly until the very final 
instant. As many (most?) of you know, the regulator slide is fastened 
to the door shell by a pair of brackets (upper and lower) that each 
have  a pair of captive nuts for attachment by two  6 mm bolts (2 for 
each bracket). The position of these brackets--especially the upper 
one) needs to be adjusted laterally by trial and error--to attain a 
good fit of the window against the rubber window-seal.  After 
fidddling back and forth to get the window adjusted, I did the final 
tightening of the brackets, when suddenly it was obvious that one of 
the upper bolts had stripped out the nut!!!! That was NOT GOOD since 
there was little reason to have confidence that this upper end of the 
regulator could be held securely --with prolonged use--by only one 
tightened bolt.

Naturally the stripped-out nut was the only one that was almost 
impossible to reach  without completely removing the window and 
undoing all the  re-assembly work we'd done. Fortunately, we found 
that there was.... just.... barely.... enough space to get a good 6 
mm nut onto the end of the bolt. I was able to grab onto the nut by 
spinning the bolt and got it tightened down firmly. Big sigh of 

Other than the stripped nut (I realize I might have avoided that 
issue by extra cautious tightening, but...), there were no other 
issues with the new regulator.  Seems to work far.



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