re. Windshield washer pump, where is it, how best to get to it?

Ben Swann benswann at
Wed Jan 11 01:45:33 EST 2006

Bad news Bernie - You need to remove the Air box to get to this thing.  I 
couldn't believe it myself.  What usualy would take me less than a half hour 
to change a bad reservior pump ended up takeing me over an hour.  Then I 
forgot to plug the thing in and had to remove the box again - got good at 
that and my time to Remove and install the box went down to a half hour.

Still helps to get the light connectors out of the way - makes it easier to 
remove the airbox.   I don't even think someone with fairy fingers could get 
to the hose or connector on the pump.


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Needing BTDT info.

In trouble shooting inoperative WWs, I've found the wires to the pump with
the connector to the washer motor unplugged.  What a PITA!  Must one remove
the reservoir, or might the pump be accessible otherwise?   Removing the air
box apparently may be easier than removing the Euro head light assy to get
at the reservoir or pump?

Thanks, anyone.


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