Winshield Washer Removal.

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Actually pulling the reservoir is a hassle, airbox removal is the
easiest I think, but just to get at the pump you don't need to remove

Question is, does the reservoir you got off ebay have one or two spots
for a pump?  I was told that some of the reservoirs have two spots, mine
did not, so when I added the factory headlamp washer setup I added a
hole for the headlamp washer pump but it is leaking now.  I believe the
euro reservoirs have two holes next to each other both facing vertically
(down).  Having a pump horizontally mounted is not the best, especially
with a stiff suspension.

David Schaible

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Needing BTDT info.

In trouble shooting inoperative WWs, I've found  the wires to the pump
the connector to the washer motor unplugged.   What a PITA!  Must one
the reservoir, or might the pump be  accessible otherwise?   Removing
the air
box apparently may be  easier than removing the Euro head light assy to
at the reservoir or  pump?

Thanks, anyone.  


I just went through this a few weeks ago.  I had a leakage problem and  
thought I needed to replace the entire reservoir with one I got off
ebay.   After I 
removed the right headlight, loosened up the reservoir and wasted  about
hour, I had the bright idea of testing the old pump and the new pump
that was 
still magically attached to the ebay reservoir.
Turns out my pump was bad, and the leakage was due to a hole in the hard

line.  a but of rubber hose fixed the leak, and I managed to replace the
lickity split.  Anyway, to answer your question, the pump lifts
straight out of 
the reservoir.  Loosen up the two bolts to the right of the  jumper
move the reservoir enough to get your hand down there, and pull
straight up.
-- Tom
91 200q
88 80q in need of a good home.
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