1988 Trans Am footage

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Jan 14 00:40:35 EST 2006

Hey all- a little friday evening treat; footage from Sears Point back  
in '88, with the 200 quattros ripping up the track (and then doing  
some serious power drifts in the rain...and some so-so AWESOME  
roaring 5 cylinder sounds!) You MUST have a bittorrent client to  
download (popular ones: the "official" client, uTorrent, and  
Azureus.  uTorrent is a very small download, about 130kB: http:// 

   There are 3-4 of us seeding the file, so there should be decent  
bandwidth available.  Yes, it's from a website, but I wanted a lot of  
people to see the file without swamping the guy's webserver, and  
bittorrent does that sorta thing well (your computer shares back to  
others pieces it has already downloaded.  If you want to speed up the  
download for others, continue to leave the bittorrent program open  
after the download is complete; you can adjust how much bandwidth it  
uses, too.)

Here is the Bittorrent metafile (NOT the video- this is the file you  
use to tell the bittorrent client how to download the video file):

Save that file, open it with the bittorrent client, and it'll  
download a windows media player file (sorry, only format it's  
available in) that is about 24MB.

   If you are behind a home router, you will get much better speeds  
by forwarding the correct port number (which varies- uTorrent tells  
you which port , and allows you to 'test' it.)  If you need further  
help, please do NOT post to the list or ask me....google "bittorrent  
FAQ" or similar...there are literally dozens of guides out there to  
explain it all.

Please do NOT publish on any bittorrent tracker sites or such, but  
feel free to share on Audi/car enthusiast email lists (and please  
mention my request not to post/publish it on trackers.)


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