[s-cars] 1988 Trans Am footage

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Jan 14 09:09:42 EST 2006

On Jan 14, 2006, at 7:48 AM, Lee Levitt wrote:

> Wow, that seems like a lot of work to watch a short video. And
> philosophically, I'm against loading yet another piece of software  
> on my
> machine to conduct a single, one-time task. Pen and paper covers  
> most of
> those.
> Just one user's feedback. :)

  I was planning on hunting down other cool Audi/car videos and  
putting those up too ;-)  This was kind of a way to get people  

I wanted to give some explanation as to how to set things up, but  
really it's just:
-download the torrent metafile
-download a client and open the metafile with it

Some patience is required as sometimes it can take a little bit to  
kick off and get going.  Uploading more to someone else means they're  
more likely to send data your way, and vise-versa.

The payoff is that one can share a very big file to a LOT of people  
efficiently and cheaply...


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