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Sat Jan 14 23:14:34 EST 2006

226,xxx on my originals...well so says my paperwork.

'91 200tq20v Avant

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No, I don't recall measuring with a side by side length comparison between
the two, 3B vs. 7A. With the plug and distributor locations being identical
and routing being similar, R followed by L bends and visa versa, the lengths
follow as being very much similar.  Further, inasmuch as there is lots of
free space for extra length behind the engine, go for the cheaper and longer
version.  Bosch, nothing fancy.

Wires bad?  I'm still running the originals at 200+ and 160K.  But I never
f**k with them.  DFI if IAB!


> From: "Mike Del Tergo" <mdeltergo at>
> I ask because I noticed they are not the same PN, and the 20V NA wires seem
> about 2 inches shorter per. (most aftermarket apps list different PN's as
> well with the CQ being more expensive)  I guess you may have answered my
> question, if I really try they will work.  On that note did you recall any
> length difference?
> Mike
>> Same wires, I've interchanged mine in trouble shooting.
>> Bernie
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>>> Subject: Plug wires
>>> Does anyone know if the 20V NA and 20V turbo use the same wires?  Also
>> best
>>> source for 20V turbo wires?
>>> thx
>>> Mike
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